Almost an year!

Its almost an year since I reached Banglore, left SunTec, and reached Sasken. :)

One month left for an year of starting blogging too... I checked the date today and found my progress in blogging is very irregular. Too lazy nowadays. :) I see that ppl on my list keep blogging almost daily but I am finding it hard now :(

An year of being lazy and idle. But now I plan to be a bit more organized. No idea how well its gonna work out. Long time since I watched any movies or read a book. Its almost a week since I am having a copy of "Five Point Someone" but have managed to read only a couple of pages. Plan to complete that soon as I have to return it :D And also need to buy a few selected ones. All these years I bought no books. Just borrowed books from the library or friends. But now I feel, I must have my own personal collection!

Well time for dinner!