This was a long pending post. I really was confused whether to not to write about this. But today as I was going through my old posts, came across this. I just read it and tears filled my eyes. I have to share this. 

Our Mittu is no more. He passed away on the 23rd of December, 2013. It was totally unexpected and a big shock to all of us. Just like any other day, he was at our home in Kerala, when he was attacked by a cat. He fell down and hearing the noise, my parents rushed to the spot. The cat sped away. Mittu seemed fine. There were no bruises to be seen or any bloodshed. But he seemed to have a problem with his legs. He was not able to grasp onto anything firmly. On closer examination, my parents found a small hole or wound on his neck and few feathers missing. They did some home remedies, took him to the vet and also gave him some medicines. 

I was in Bangalore and dad informed me. We all kept hope thinking he still had lots more of years to be with us. But we were wrong. He was drawing into himself and was getting more and more drowsy and finally by evening the last grain of life in him was also gone. 

It was one of the first experiences in our life of losing a pet and probably the last one too. We never had any pets other than our sweet Mittu. It was unbearable for all of us. My dad dug a small pit in our compound and laid his body to rest there. 

Its been almost 2 months since this happened and even now not a single day passes without he being remembered. He was a sweetheart. He was with us for 10 years and it was not enough for us. Still we dream of him often. Slightest sounds make us think he is around. And the of his favorites bring his memory fresh into us. 

We just miss him every now and then. 

In all his glory

Planning to write more often

How ironic! I am writer by profession and don't get to write my blogs at all. 

So what has been happening in my life - lots. I finally made up my mind to quit my job! It was hard to decide. I work with HP and the brand is a lot value. Deciding to give it up was not easy at all. I thought and tried for one year and finally put in my resignation in the month of January. Life was really hard the past one year. I struggled to balance my work and life. With my ever-crying baby, back-to-back project releases, the ever growing work at home, and the inability to lead a peaceful life... all these made me to arrive at this decision. 

I would be quitting work in the month of March. After that what, is not very concrete. I do have some plans. Let's see what materializes. There are lot of things I kept pushing off owing to my tight schedule. Apart from that, we bought a home some time back. Work was still going on and we could not move it. Last week, we were finally done with the registration and look forward to moving in by around mid of April or hopefully before that. So that is another big thing for us to look forward to.

My daughter, oh I just love her! She is now a year old and has changed a lot. She walks, babbles a lot, plays around, gives us kisses, and loves to cuddle with me. I just love those moments of being with her! We have been taken her out very often and she does love the whole process of going out. She loves to watch the dogs, cars, lights, butterflies, and children of course. She is a keen observer and has started imitating sounds and our mannerisms.

And about me, I miss a lot of being myself! I have no time to craft. I do not sleep comfortably. I cannot watch movies uninterrupted. In fact, everything just revolves around my angel now. I do love that though :-)

That's all for now. Hope you keep writing more often.