This term always fascinated me once I joined the IT industry. I always looked forward to that day when I could re-locate to a new place and finally after waiting for a year and a half, I got the chance. Yes! I was relocating to the most happening 'Bangalore'. Initially I had a mixed feeling of leaving my job and colleagues, but still there was a feel good factor within - the new firm and the location. I had started my packing two weeks earlier itself. Dusted all the bags which lay in the cupboards from the past one and a half year, shopped for a few good clothes, and rang up all dear and near ones to inform of my 'relocation'. The countdown began; work also was turning out hectic. Even in those busy schedules, I found time to prepare myself for the change. My new colleagues kept calling me up as part of formalities and assured that my new office was a great place to work (Indeed, it is till date... :-))

Atlast, the day arrived. I took my bags and bid farewell to all fellow-mates. Saying bye to my roomate was indeed the most difficult part. So, I didnt take much effort to do that. Just concluded that in a "See you, and shall call you." With all the heavy bags I reached the bus-stop and waited for my bus. I quickly played back all the memories attached with the place.

The first time I had come to Trivandrum was to do my Graduation. I remembered the three years of my graduation, my hostel days, bunking classes, hang-outs at zam zam, the museum, the first time we went for movie by bunking classes, and so on. My first job, my PG accomodation, friends, everything. Nostalgia started arising in me. I had a relation of five continuous years with this place. Probably it was about to end. I wont be having a chance to stay at this place the same way once again. All friends had left the place and even I was leaving. My bus arrived. I dragged myself with the heavy luggage and got in. The bus started moving and I turned back once again. Then I realized relocating is not that easy!!!

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