Another One!

Yes another weekend has come. I am not sure whether I am actually looking forward to it or not. On weekdays I wish for the weekend to arrive quickly. And I plan a lot. But infact nothing happens. And when I turn back - a weekend gone sheer waste! Even today I have lots of plans for this weekend. Let's see what all really work out.

And one more thing. Usually when its Friday, everybody is in a holiday mood and so am I always. But today, dont know what went wrong! I was over enthusiastic. I wanted to finish all those work pending through the whole. And I finally somehow did achieve that ;-) And now what... Just waiting to see how my weekend turns out.

Happy Weekend All!!! :-)

Painful and Soothing

A sweet thought,
A painful scar,
An unforgivable wrong,
Momentary happiness,
Shattered dreams,
Broken hearts,
Lonely lives,
A long journey,
A fading sweet memory!


Most of us do love puppies. Even I do! But I never had a chance to have a puppy for a pet.

I go out for a walk in our layout quite frequently. On all my rounds, I used to see a black dog. It would be simply roaming around or sleeping in the middle of the road least bothered about who crossed. But it was a while since I went for the walks. Last day I went out again and was quite surprised to see it along with seven puppies. All brown and black ones. It was actually cute. Seven of them running around and playing, jumping over each other, and chewing on whatever came in the way. Sometimes one of them would try to climb over to the footpath and fall down.

Initially they used to shy and run away when somebody passed by. But now they have become so used to the people passing by that they follow them till round the corner and run back again. Its really pretty!!

A post so Dull...

I just dont know what to type. Finished my kitchen work early and got a few moments to spend with the computer. But now I am confused what to make a post. Absolutely nothing in my mind! A whole Sunday done. Started the day with my ICFAI exam. It was comparitively easier than the last time. Hope I clear it this time. After reaching back, a light brunch, two hours of nap, and some idle time in front of the TV. Then some cooking and half an hour of an evening walk. Back again to the kitchen. Prepared dinner and had it. And till now watched Tom and Jerry.

A busy week starting again tomorrow. Lots of work pending, preparation for next Sunday's exam, loads of clothes to wash, and so on :-(

Hope to do some reasonable posts in the coming week!


Happy New Year!!!

Hope it turns out to be a happy one indeed ;-) Lots of new resolutions, hopes, and aspirations. Let's see how everything goes on!

My vacation was superb - lots of travel, meeting relatives and cousins, being cosily at home wid my parents, and mittu... it was wonderful.. :-)