Happy Vishu!

Vishu is one of the festivals I look forward to the most. Firstly for the 'kani' and secondly, the 'kaineettam'.
Before I started working Vishu was the one major factor that contributed to my pocket money. We used to wait eagerly for the day to start. 'Kaineettam' from my parents were always a good amount to make me happy. Apart from them, my grandmom, uncles, and aunts also used to give us kaineettam. By the end of the day, we would have collected a fair enough amount.
But nowadays its different. In a faraway place from the family, and that too employed. So no scope for much amount. But one good aspect is that my parents have increased the amount by a few more hundreds. And well thats all now. This year I wanted to give them a good 'kaineettam', but unluckily forgot to take money yesterday. So had to adjust with the amount borrowed from my brother.
'Vishukani' is what I love the most. The night before itself my mom would prepare everything and keep. From childhood itself, every 'Vishukani' I saw had in common two things - my moms gold chain with her 'thaali' and a laminated big picture of Lord Krishna as a child, eating butter. These two things have been there always.
Some years when I was away from my parents, there was no 'Vishukani' for me. And I did miss it terribly. But today I was fortunate enough to start the day or rather the year 'blessedly' (thats what I feel viewing the lighted lamp in the darkness of the early morning).

A Happy Vishu to all of you!

Treasured ones...

We always treasure some people in hearts. Be it somebody whom we see since childhood, or one we saw only once in our lifetime. It gives us immense pleasure at times simply just to think of them.
I have few very good treasured friends and people in my life. And guess what I either communicated with some of them today after a very long time. This is actually giving me lots of joy. Know not why!
A roommate for a year and a half, who was always a great friend as well. But time parted us and put us in two far locations. Its been more than an year since we met. Some incidents in the meantime, seemed to test our friendship. And to an extent we failed in the test. But today after a long time, I had a pretty long chat with her. It seemed as if, we were never too far. May be that's the feeling when you speak to a true friend. :)
Since childhood, me and Raji were together. Our growing years and overgrown years (;-)) we spent together. But somewhere when life took the serious turn we were thrown on the two sides of the path. This kept us a bit far from each other. But our liking and sharing was always there. And now she is about to get married soon. And after marriage, I have heard, nothing is nomore the same. :-( Sadly I realize, she would now on lead a busy responsible life of her own, and me mine own. But still both of us would treasure those wonderful childhood memories! :)
A few more friends - scrapped and mailed all of them today. Feeling so happy that I am rich with good friends - though far! :)

A man, Everywhere!

Last evening, on my way home I heard a sudden blop and slow hiss. Soon my Kinetic started shaking and I understood that I had a flat tire. Was confused all on a sudden. First of all, I take a bad route - untarred roads, places uninhabited, and smelly drains. But luckily I had the flat tire in front of a two-roomed small building. The first room was a laundry, where I found a young man ironing clothes. I asked him if there was any tire repairing shops nearby and to my surprise there was one at a distance of two-minute walk.

I reached the place and came back with a lad who replaced the flat one with the stepney (spare wheel). He demanded 40 Rs and had 500 Rs with me. I went to laundry man again for the change, which he didn't have. Instead he directed me to the next shop - a small bakery. The first sight, it was not welcoming. A very small shop with no electricity and stuffed with biscuits and packed items, a man sitting on the step and enjoying a smoke, and a place indeed shabby. The shopkeeper was an old, fat man, unshaved and uncombed hair. He was stout and dark and was selling things and speaking in Kannada. To me he didn't seem like a man who knew either Hindi or English. And I, on the other hand, didn't know Kannada :-(

I said, "500... Change". Suddenly he turned to a boy standing next to him and said, "Mone, ee kuttikku anjooru roopakku change kodukku" (Son, give her change for 500 Rs) in Malayalam. I froze. How could I underestimate a Malayalee. They are everywhere you go. Be it the densest populated place or a remote one. I had still not come out of my state of shock, when the boy handed over the notes to me. I took them in the hand, thanked them, smiled, and left.

I don't know whether I was too happy or sad for that man. Mixed feelings indeed! I was happy that I found a Malayalee where I didn't expect to find one and was sad by his shabby appearance. But I must admit one fact - he is earning a living and not begging around in the alien state!

Another Fool's Day!

Here is another Fool's Day and I am missing all those pranks we used to play as kids. Now Fool's Day for me has reduced to another day when your inbox is full of mails.

My first memory of April Fool goes back to the year when I was in my I standard. As usual I reached my classroom and was alerted by my friend (don't remember her name) that there was a dry twig on my hair. I instantly tried to brush it away but there was nothing. She laughed and said "Hey, April Fool". That was my first Fool's Day. Since then each year we used to play silly pranks on friends and family. It used to be the usual simple lies.

Over the years, it turned to more serious pranks. But at one point of time, I used to disregard this day as I do on a Friendship Day, Mother's Day, or others of the sort. I was of the opinion why a special day for things like this. From then on my Fool's Day memories are colourless.

Now I feel we must celebrate it. After all what harm is there in fooling people on one day out of the 365 days (but Ididnt fool anyone today). Well, afterall its just to remember after so many years spent on living a life. Happy Fool's Day!!! :)