Monday Morning

Somebody just asked me why I am looking a bit sad. Monday mornings always make me sad. This has been true since school days. But today I am actually a bit sad owing to some personal things. Blogging to make myself cheerful :-)

Weekend was not a great one, but it was okay. Saturday was spent in helping Mom in the kitchen and some small activities at home. Sunday morning was real busy. We did a lot of work at home. Washed, cleaned the balcony, sowed some seeds, cleaned our shoe rack, which had a lot of unused shoes, started sewing a small project, and so on. So Sunday morning was very busy for us. By the evening, all of us went out visiting a family. And after coming back, me and hubby went out roaming in the nearby area. Once we were back, I was too sleepy and went to bed very early yesterday. So ended our very longingly waited weekend!

This week hubby is having two days off for Diwali while I have just one day off. Last year, for Diwali, we just celebrated by bursting crackers. This year , I am thinking we must celebrate it a bit more as my parents also are here. I plan to light some diyas, make a rangoli (if done, this would be my first attempt), and finally burst crackers :-)

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