A well lit up and noisy day

We celebrated Diwali yesterday. It was not that fun as I intended it to be, but I did enjoy. I had planned to burst few crackers, light diyas, and make a rangoli. But out of the three planned items, only one materialized - lighting diyas around the house. We could not buy crackers on time and I could not make a rangoli as well. But I was very contended when I saw all the diyas lit up.

Lighting up the diyas was very difficult. The winds kept blowing it off. My initial plan was to keep the diyas all along the stairs. After almost 8 failed attempts to keep them buring, I finally decided to keep them away from the stairs and kept those at the entrance of the house. That looked very pretty and they kept burning till almost midnight.

Initially we had plans to buy and burst crackers but then we were late and could not get any. And finally we decided not to burst any. There were so many crackers and fireworks all around that our Mittu was so scared. Likewise, all the stray dogs were running here and there helplessly and the birds and bats kept flying constantly out of the fear. This was a sad sight. So we didnt want to harm them any further. All of us gathered on our terrace for some time and watched the beautiful fireworks. I hate the noisy crackers but enjoyed the lights.

Finally when the city became calm, the air was smokey. But luckily it was a bit windy, so the smell and particles drifted away slowly. At around 11 pm everything was normal and that is when Mittu could atleast start sleeping peacefully. And the night was beautiful - windy and the clouds were drifting across the sky and it was cool also.

Monday Morning

Somebody just asked me why I am looking a bit sad. Monday mornings always make me sad. This has been true since school days. But today I am actually a bit sad owing to some personal things. Blogging to make myself cheerful :-)

Weekend was not a great one, but it was okay. Saturday was spent in helping Mom in the kitchen and some small activities at home. Sunday morning was real busy. We did a lot of work at home. Washed, cleaned the balcony, sowed some seeds, cleaned our shoe rack, which had a lot of unused shoes, started sewing a small project, and so on. So Sunday morning was very busy for us. By the evening, all of us went out visiting a family. And after coming back, me and hubby went out roaming in the nearby area. Once we were back, I was too sleepy and went to bed very early yesterday. So ended our very longingly waited weekend!

This week hubby is having two days off for Diwali while I have just one day off. Last year, for Diwali, we just celebrated by bursting crackers. This year , I am thinking we must celebrate it a bit more as my parents also are here. I plan to light some diyas, make a rangoli (if done, this would be my first attempt), and finally burst crackers :-)

Waiting for the Weekend

I had been away from my blogs for more than a month. And now I am back. As always - lazy and little busy.

Its a Friday and though the day begins with a meeting, Friday is always good. It is just like the cloud with that silver lining. Once it is 5 pm, I get so elated and happy. So I am just waiting for the weekend to start. We haven't planned anything for the weekend but I do have some things in mind. Hope it works out. Though it is almost the end of October, winter has not yet started here in Bangalore. The days are pretty hot and sunny. So going out is always subject to a lot of discussions and laziness.

Just looking forward to go home!