The weather here in Bangalore has become a little pleasant over the last few weeks. Though it is hot in the afternoons, we are experiencing evening showers. Even yesterday, it rained very heavily for almost half an hour when I was at office. It was lovely. Literally nothing outside could be seen properly. Everything looked foggy. And the best part, nights are cool now. 

I usually like the rains, but like all selfish people I don't prefer to be held up in the rain or don't like any of my activities getting delayed owing to rains. Last week I had such an experience. Usually I always make it a point to carry my umbrella when the rainy season starts. I also made a few futile attempts to find my umbrella which I was not using for a very long time now. One evening, on my way home, when I was in the bus itself I noticed that the clouds were getting darker. As I was nearing my stop, big drops started falling. But I did not care a bit, as my home is just a 3 minutes walk from the road. While I thought of these things, in a matter of seconds, it started to rain heavily. It was raining so heavily that the drops falling felt like pin pricks and I was almost drenched by the time I crossed the road and ran to the shelter of the shop by the road. 

It was way too windy also. Everybody started taking shelter and even people with umbrellas did not dare to go out in that rough weather. After almost 30 minutes, it calmed down a bit. By then people with umbrellas and who had their own vehicles started heading home. It was still raining heavily and I could not run home. I decided to wait for another some time. During this time, I envied all those people who had umbrellas, who had their own vehicles, and those who had their dads, husbands, or siblings who came to pick them. The feeling was horrible. I waited for another 15 minutes and then made a decision - to run home. If I were to stay there I would have stayed there even longer. So I got out in the rain and almost ran till home, occasionally halting under the big trees for a moment or so. 

Once I was home and changed into a fresh dress, I loved the rain all over again. It was a cool and even nicer with a hot drink watching the rains.

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