Getting Back on Track

A month since I even saw my blog... Weird... I know. But yes, there were a lot of things happening around me. We shifted from our old lovely house to the new one. Though I am not so much in love with the house and surroundings as I liked the old one, I am getting adjusted. The silver lining that keeps me going is that we'll be moving out from this place soon :-) Yes, I know, one more shifting. So it took us quite some weeks to bring things to order at the new place. Now travelling to office takes a while longer for me. So in the evenings, we get very less time to do things at home. And over the last one week, work took away most of my time. There was a lot to get done in a short span. And finally that is almost done now and I am almost getting back to normalcy [;-)] now. My health also had not been the best, which again kept tiring me out. 

Now everything seems to have fallen on track. My weekdays start very early these days as I have to be at the bus stop a lot earlier than before. And I reach home almost an hour later than I used to. But one good part about moving to this place is that hubby's office, which earlier used to be 25kms away is now just within 10 kms and he reaches much earlier than before. 

So I may start blogging as usual going forward. See you :-)

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