Awaited Onam Vacation…

It’s a long time since I had vacation. Well there’s no point in wishing for that also. In school and college, we just had to go on a holiday or vacation and come back with a sick note. But now with work, it’s not so simple. Of course we can bunk, but not so often and long as we did in schools and colleges.

This time I have applied for three days leave to go to Kerala for Onam. Earlier I never had to do that. Of course Onam meant 10 long days of holidays. At SunTec also we had three to four days off. But here, there is nothing like that… :( I have to take three days off from my well counted and meager, so called Privilege Leave.

I’ll be starting on my journey within a few hours and am quite excited to be at home again. The thought of payasams, chips, and Onasadya has already made my mouth water. Onam was a celebration when I was in school. Ten long days of vacation just after the Onam exams. Onam vacation meant holidays, relatives and cousins, swings, and lots of food. And cousins meant Raji especially. This was the only day when we had our baths early in the morning. We have never put pookalams for Onam, but I enjoyed doing that in college. Payasam is another aspect that keeps my love for Onam still alive.

Now all are busy. Not all have time to get together during the festival. But still I look forward being at home and having my Onasadya on a plantain leaf with my family members (Mittu included :)). Happy Onam to all of you well in advance!!!



Hope you had a WONDERFUL ONAM! And full of great memories to tide you over till the next one

Resmi... said...

@ Raji: Yes Raji, I had a wonderful one this time.. :)

Salil said...

Hi Resmi,
Sorry for being late. Belated Onam wishes to you.
Btw, do you count the calories while you hog? Then you may not enjoy the payasam, chips and onasadya that you are looking forward to.

Calvin said...

resmi.. lved ur posts.. even my onam was kinda screwed this time.. cudnt go home for one.. cudnt even change my dress let alone put on 'kodi'.. i was stuck in my office with some work..

anyways.. onam is all abt making us feel happier inside.. so i put on a 'kodi' on my mind.. flowered my smile with all sorta colours.. and welcomed good old maveli..

Sreejith Kumar said...

hahaha... so you have also gotten into the shoes of a pravasi... :D:D:D a non resident keralite! great!

So how was it? The festivities, foodings etc etc?

Resmi... said...

@ Salil, Calvin, & Sreejith: Too belated Onam wishes to all of you! :-)