A long time wish

A moment gone, is gone forever. Sometimes we crave to be there once again. Memories take us there now and again. Like many, even I believe photographs are a treasure forever.

Even now, I take up the old albums and spend hours on it. I never get bored in this activity. I really appreciate my father who took all the pains to take snaps, get the prints, and set them out in albums. It was a tedious job then. But how simple has it become now – click, transfer, see/send.

Till my second year of graduation, I also used to take pains and photograph all occasions. But suddenly technology advanced, digital cams took over. Buying film rolls, going to the studios, getting the prints collected, setting it in albums, all seemed so out of fashion and na├»ve very soon. So our old camera was kept somewhere in the cupboards, never to be used again. But we didn’t have a digital camera either. Somehow, none of us took the pains to buy one. Afterall getting photos was not that difficult – someone who had a camera would upload the photos. So none missed any photos.

But on many occasions I had wished to have a cam. We were all very preoccupied that we didn’t realize that many a good moments had passed pretty soon. Finally we decided to buy one. And last weekend, my bro and me, we went to get one. We had two models in mind, the showroom had only one model available. We took some time and learned the functionalities and were happy with the snaps taken. Finally we made our minds to go for the available model. But the salesperson had one more bad news to tell us – only the silver model was available not black L I didn’t want to lose this opportunity and again prolong the buying for a long time. We finally bought the cam. And now, I hope we won’t be missing moments in life again ;)

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