Time again to set goals!!!

Its the time again to set the goals for the next year... Appraisal period starts now. The last day to set our objectives and send it across to the manager is past one week now. But still I am sitting here trying to frame up things. No idea whether late submissions would be rejected. I wouldn't have cared a damn about that had not salary hike been related to this. Unfortunately it is! :(

My first appraisal was when I joined SunTec. I was so confused as to what the process was. Setting goals, framing stories of accomplishments, and what else you can. But finally after the meeting with the Manager and the appraisal grades were released I realized, like all others, do whatever you may, frame whatever you may, you are left to the mercy of your Manager and the interests of the company.

Soon after the appraisals we see dumbass people roaming in brand new cars and holding treats, while hardworking efficient people move to the depressed group and look out for job changes. But somehow we set these objectives and goals in hope. Hopes too high! Lets see what this appraisal has in store for me and the likes around! :)


Sreejith Kumar said...

Haha! Good account! Happy Xmas and NY to you and family!!!

Resmi... said...

@ Sreejith: Same to u Sreejith :)