A Break!

Finally I have managed to take time off from office. Its almost over two years since I had an off more than 5 days. This time, for Christmas I finally managed to get 15 days off! Phew, lots of hard work involved ;)

This is a long awaited vacation actually. Long to be back home, relaxing, and doing nothing :)

The worst part is the travel. 13 - 14 hrs sitting numb in the bus, the blanket which either covers ur head or toes, but not both together, an uncomfortable night's sleep to be interrupted by the incessant cry of small kids and hefty guys snoring, the horns of the bus and other vehicles on the road, and so on. But somehow I love that moment when I wake up clumsily in the morning and see in the early dawn the boards of the shops which reads the names of places in Kerala. I become very anxious and eager as if on a trip first time to my home.

But unexpected things do happens. And whenever it happens I would be a part of it! :( Last time when I was travelling home, I woke up and saw that we were just three hours long from my place. I was all set to reach home when suddenly the bus stopped. After five minutes of halt, I heard the dreaded words - Breakdown. It took us another seven hours to reach, after changing two buses. :(

I hope nothing goes wrong. I am ready to sleep all cuddled up adjusting to the length and breadth of the blanket, the seat, and ignore the noises foregoing a night's sleep. All to reach home in time. :)

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