Different Work Cultures!

We often come across the term 'Work Culture'. For those working directly with the clients abroad, this impacts them the most.

At our office, we work for a North American company and everyday is a new day with lots of learning in the differences of cultures. Last week a trainer had come down from the client location, who will be with us for another few months. He imparts training to us related to the domain as well as the CULTURES.

The first few things I noticed about him - unlike many of us, he is very punctual. Comes in at sharp 9 am and leaves at 6 pm. While most of us come in by 10 to 11 am and leave after 7 pm. He is always in formal clothes, very pleasant, and at his desk for most of the office hours. We, over here wear all what we like from formals to casuals, dark, bright, and florescent, are cranky at times, and finally are not at our desks for most of the time.

Few days back, we had our first training at 10 am. People kept coming in. As usual, I reached in by 10 30 and unluckily was the last! The topic was working with North American counterparts. While concluding the session he was detailing a few circumstances when he had committed mistakes. Finally he said - there's one mistake I did over here. That was to start the session at sharp 10 am. He gave us a awkward smile. I felt the more embarrassed. But something more happened to it. Our PM came in at 11 30 am. She went to his desk and wished him a lovely morning. And her next question was - we are having the session today rt? When is it? I sit next to his cubicle and hearing this question the people in the whole bay froze. He replied smiling - its already over. Perhaps an hour ago!

Phew! That was one embarrassing incident when the whole team seemed irresponsible and stupid.


Rockus said...

Nice! Poor saayippu stuck with a whole set of dumbos! :P


Nice one. I don't know why we learn all the unimportant things from them, and never the significant things like work culture.