My third sem results are out - Failed miserably!!! :-( Should have been more cautious. The first two times I escaped unhurt, decently. That was nothing but "pure luck". This time Lady Luck didnt smile upon me... huh! Too bad... Now got to study for two sems at one go... :'(

As a child, I was bright at studies. Used to be among the top three in class (I know most kids are). But as years passed by, the graph kept going down. I hardly realized that it was going down. Only when I had completed my XII did I realize that I had gone down. That was the first time I wished that had I been more cautious.

Then came my years of graduation - the most careless years! Studies were never a part of that period. We had no textbooks or set syllabus. Everything was ambiguous. The questions were very vast. One could go on writing for pages. But who had all those patience. I would be the first one to leave the exam hall... But this action of mine cost me heavily during the last exam (As always) :-(

But this is my first failure.. and Failure are the stepping stones to success! Hope I succeed next time... ;-)

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