Its already 11 pm. Everybody has slept and so is the whole neighborhood. I sit here all alone listening to too many sounds even when none is making any noise.

I hear the clock ticking away in speed, as if eager to complete its rounds. During the day I never notice the sound of the clock ticking. A mosquito flying past sings in its awful sound to irritate me. I hear a creaking sound every other minute when my brother turns in his bed. Perhaps the fridge thinks why should it alone be silent. Adding to the harmony, the water drops fall into the kitchen sink making that beautiful plop sound. Why should I not make noise when all these break the silence of the night. I hit hard at the keyboard as I type in each word.

Today when I go to bed, I would be content that I did not give up to the silly creatures and objects around me. And next morning when I wake up I wouldn't notice any of these sounds, neither the mosquito's songs, or the clocks. Who has time for all those once the alarm goes off? Till tomorrow night, I have so many other sounds to listen to - the traffic, children, the girls blabbering in the cafeteria, conferences and calls at office, the frying and stirring in the kitchen, the horns, the beeps and ringtones, and so on.

I wonder when would there be silence! Would I hear it as long as I am alive.


Rockus said...

Vattaaya? :-P


Nice one! Funny how everything seems louder at night, no?

Resmi... said...

@ Rockus: May be :D

@ Raji: Yeah, sometimes its so scary ;-)