A matter of few seconds!

One of our relative stays with us now and she works for Tata Advanced Materials, at a place called Jigani. This is somewhere on the outskirts of Bangalore and reaching there takes around an hour. She takes the company cab for her conveyance to and fro.

Last Friday she took an off and decided to work on Sunday instead. The Production dept. was working on this day and so was a good percent of the employees. But unlike every other day, she had to catch another cab today. Early morning itself, we woke up, prepared something for breakfast and was ready – she for office, and me to leave her at the bus-stop. A guy in the cab was informed that she would be waiting at the regular stop and we were told that the cab would be there by 8:05 am.

The morning was quite foggy. I had difficulty in taking her to the bus-stop but somehow we managed to reach there by 8 am. She called up the guy in the cab and to our dismay it had already passed the stop and that too a few seconds back. I knew not what to do. We called them back again and asked to stop the vehicle. The driver said it is not possible. Frustrated, we were trying to identify the bus to the route. Suddenly the guy called back and informed that the cab was waiting 200 meters ahead of our stop and gave us the cab number. Frantically I drove keeping an eye for the particular cab. 200 meters turned into kilometers. But the cab was nowhere in sight. Finally when we reached Electronics City we called up the guy again. He apologized saying the driver was not allowing stopping the cab again and left. I drove another few kilometers and left her at a junction from where she could hire an auto rickshaw. While coming back I kept a count on the number of kilometers covered. In total I drove 24 kms… First time ever in my life!

That few seconds counted heavily on my day. I had planned to take a short nap after leaving her at the bus-stop. But I reached home only at 9:15 am. It was too sunny by the time I reached. So my short nap extended to a few hours and thereby did my day.

A few seconds do really count a lot!


Rockus said...

Moral of the story is:
Early to bed, early to rise! :-P


Hmm...what a pity you had to forego the continuation of your sleep!

Resmi... said...

@ Rockus: :-P That never happens!!! ;-)

@ Raji: Yeah.. that was the worst part! :-(