Back after a Break

After a gap of almost four months, we went to Kerala, two weeks back. It was a well-deserved break for both of us. We have been away from our families for a long time and yearned to be with them. And it was really good to be back home.

The climate was not too good but still, it was not as hot as last year. It kept raining as and when the temperatures rose. The nights were usually cool. During the day, we kept travelling, visiting relatives, and just roaming around. We went to Trivandrum, the beaches, the new shopping destinations, and of course, had a lot of tasty food.

This visit, there was something new - there is a baby in the family! My husband's brother and wife have a baby girl who is just four months old. Cute right! The baby is really adorable. She is extremely pleasant and always active, doesn't cry at seeing new people or even when woken up forcibly from deep sleep! That's how I love babies to be!

Unexpectedly we had to extend our trip for two more days, but I was happy that I got to stay with my parents during that span. My Mittu is doing great. He is enjoying the sun, the rains, and the blossoms all around him.

So that was one small, yet good vacation we had :-)

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