Want to see what is happening with the plants on my terrace?

Roses! I just love them. And I know most of you do. The sepals had dried up a bit during the afternoon heat.

My tomatoes are almost on the verge of dying. Still they are laden with fruit. I have to occassionally pinch away some fruits so that the plant doesn't fall down due to the weight.

I don't know what this is. May be a cucumber, watermelon, or even a bitter gourd. I put the vegetable wastes for my plants and something lovely is coming out of that dirt. Let's wait and see what this turns out to be.

I don't know the name of this plant. My father-in-law had given this to me. Whatever it is, it is beautiful. The fresh blooms are a lovely-pinkish colour and when in full bloom, the leaves cannot be seen.

And some pretty jasmine flowers. What I love about these are the pearl like buds and the awesome, fresh smell when it blooms.

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