Watching the Skies

Nowadays, watching the skies is a wonderful experience to me. Reason - the weather is so pleasant. I reach home when there is still ample of daylight available and rush up to the terrace. I spend a lot of time there - almost an hour or so. I water my plants, pull out the weeds, trim the roses, and rake the stubborn hard soil. After all these tasks, spend some time enjoying the breeze and watching the clouds rolling through the skies.

These days it is very windy and the clouds roll in and out very quickly. Its a real pleasure to stand there and enjoy it. Let's see my evenings in some photos I took recently.

I love these white, fluffy clouds.

Even love the rays of the sun coming through the clouds.

Suddenly the rain laden clouds start to rush in.

And all of a sudden, everything is dark and rainy around.

On those days when I am lucky enough, I spot these red, blue, and yellow lights flashing through the thick rain laden clouds, far up in the sky!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome, that’s exactly what I was scanning for! You just spared me alot of searching around