Nowadays I take real long to get back to my blogs and write. Today I am at home - a little down with fever. All through the day I thought I would update my blogs, but got some time only now.

The latest update now is that my parents are with us for a while now. Its been over an year since they had come to Bangalore. So two weeks back we went to Kerala, and all of us came back together. On the way, we halted for a night at Guruvayoor, visited the temple, and started to Bangalore the next day. Now that my parents and Mittu are here, the house is real lively. Always full of sounds and people.

On workfront, things are progressing pretty well. Apart from the fact that I have been falling sick frequently, everything is good.

Cooking, gardening, crochet - everything has taken a backseat for me now. I enjoy spending more time with my family now!

Well, taking leave for now. Hoping to come back soon :-) See you all.

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