Next 2 days...

This week is a pretty good one. We are having tomorrow and day after as company holidays owing to Ganesha Chaturthi and Ramzan. And then one working day on Friday and then the weekend is here. I actually feel that all weeks should be like this :-D

So what do I plan to do during the next two days? Well, I may have to crochet a lot. If that doesn't happen, and if everyone at home is in good health we may plan an outing, not too far. Somewhere close-by only. It is actually long since we all went out together for an outing. Reason - all were falling sick over the past few weeks. And now that all at home are recovering, I am feeling feverish since yesterday night. But still it doesn't look as scary as it was last time when I fell sick.

Mittu is the laziest one at home now - he wakes up, has his pre-breakfast snacks, sits by the window side for time and then sleeps off. Wakes up in time for breakfast, has food till his tummy is full, and then goes into his cosy cage by himself and sleeps till noon. On waking up, comes out, stays here and there for some time, again has his lunch and takes his afternoon naps. In the evening he has two cashew nuts, a little bit of tea and if possible little bit of a biscuit also. Then will be awake and busy loittering around till late in the evening. Again sleeps off till dinner is ready. After dinner he makes a dash to his cage and is busy sleeping again! What a life! But when I am around, I make it a point to disturb him every 15 minutes so that he doesn't sleep properly. And if it is not raining in the evenings after I reach home, and if he isn't that sleepy, I take him onto the terrace. There he sits and watches the birds flying home and sometimes tries to make noises along with them.

Well, I don't know how Mittu's topic came in. But however, that is the story of the laziest parrot these days.

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