Day seems to be a bit dull today - its cold and gloomy. I have been in bed for very long, thinking whether to get up or not. Finally I did. Husband is not in town, so I am thinking of planning my to-do things today. And unlike always, today's list does not include any cooking, cleaning, or washing. I am planning things that I want to do.

I want to make some progress on the reading I have been doing, continue working on my crochet (Big Pink Blanket), take out some time alone for myself, and finally catch up on a little bit of sleep I lost, if possible. So these are what I have planned.

Though these are planned, born as a girl I am, I have to do or help around with the household work, especially cooking. And cooking is what I hate the most at times. But, can't help. So let me see how the day goes.

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