Last 7 Months

I have been away for a considerably looong time. I was not getting the inspiration to actually write. Not that I am getting anything much now either :-D Thought I'll just drop in a line or two though. 

Updates since the past few months:

- My daughter is now close to 2 years and very active :-)
- We moved into our own little home :-) :-)
- I quit my job of 3+ years at HP 
- Took a short break of around 5 months
- Spent lot of idle days at home
- Spent time taking things out of boxes and arranging them
- Went for that year or two pending hair cut!!
- Lil bit of gardening - My first set of sunflowers bloomed :-) :-)
- Realized that sitting at home was just making me lazy
- Applied for jobs
- Started working again in August '14

Well, that covers pretty much of my last few months.

When I quit my job, I thought 'Yes, the turning point of my life!' New home, lots of time at hands, start something new and all.... But it did not actually turn out that way. With a home to setup and a little kid, alone there was pretty much nothing that I could accomplish. Perhaps it was the wrong time. And me, being the non-initiative person, lazed around during the day time and brooded over it at night. Well, one fine day I thought that was enough of time being wasted simply. 

Now things are really different. My new job is totally interesting with lots of fresh opportunities. That is actually keeping me inspired. 

My daughter is the center of our lives now. Everything she does seems so cute, and my heart just melts looking at her at times :-) :-)

Well, life is better now :-) Only exception being - I am not crafting anything nowdays!



Nice reading about you. How is the little one? Preschooling?

Resmi... said...

Hi Raji,

Glad to see you here. My lil one is fine. Yes, into preschool and starts with school this June :-) Hope that you are doing great!