Scented Advertising

Yesterday morning there was a strong smell at home, the one of a deodorant or perfume. But confusing it was as it was a new smell and source was not easily identifiable. The extra sensitive one at our home kept looking around and was very curious to find out from whom the smell emanated, as her olfactory system was getting irritated by the strong smell. It was discovered only a little later that the source was the days's NEWSPAPER. 

This is called as Scented Print Advertising. Emami has launched a new brand of men's deodorant and the advertising for it in the paper was creating all this odor. They have employed a technique to have the strong scent to be applied on to the paper where the advertising is present. I assume either the perfume particles were mixed with the ink or the paper was sprayed and then printed. Whatever! Bad Idea! Whenever one opened the paper, the room was filled with the strong smell and the reader is forced to close it. The smell goes high up ones nose and irritates. I hardly could stand the smell and didn't read the paper yesterday. 

Back in the earlier days, we had another method of advertising, where a swatch or hard paper piece is added to the paper. One must scratch or rub fingers over it to get the smell. That was better. 

The brand has even gone ahead and create a rather not-so-good video - #ShowMenSomeLove. For what? It was International Men's Day yesterday, it seems.. ha ha. It was news to me and I got the video as a forwarded message yesterday night. Well, I couldn't force myself to watch it after the initial few seconds.

And for the paper, we kept it outside the house as we kept getting a whiff of the odor every now and then. 

If there are people who really loved the advertising strategy and video theme, no offense meant!

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