All it takes is a little while, and interest!!!

Hey, I am very glad making this post!! You know why? I’ve started cooking! I have tried a few dishes. Though most of them were flops, I am glad that I am finally making something. And not to forget, a big thanks to my brother on whom I am experimenting all these.. ;-)

The first day, as usual, I started with dishes I already knew. So, no much comments on that. Then I tried my hands on chicken curry. Ghhh… Wish I knew how much chilli powder to add. The fry was ok. Parippu, I have really become an expert in that. But, as said, my overconfidence failed me yesterday. The water I added was in excess.

Next, fish curry. I made fish curries with two varieties of fish. One was very thick and the other was very sour. Again a big flop. In between, there were side dishes which were okay. Raw banana thoran was something I liked very much. But to my disappointment, my brother didn’t. I fed him one spoon forcibly. Meanwhile, for breakfast, I prepared appam and egg curry, dosa and coconut chutney, egg noodles, and so on. Mind it, I didn’t buy the instant mix of dosa and appam. I made them on my own. Those were good.

Last day I tried preparing caramel custard, which was the biggest flop. 3 egss, half litre of milk, 1 cup of sugar, 2 tablespoons of custard powder, and of course the cooking gas – all gone waste.

My successful recipe list includes carrot burfi, fruit custard, chicken mughlai (I bought the instant mix.. ;)), chicken fry, scrambled egg, noodles, mango milk shake, and a few items more.

And today, I am planning to prepare a dish from beetroot. My bro has informed me in advance that he doesn’t like beetroots.. In the coming days, I also plan to try my hands on mushroom and paneer. Hope it works out fine.


Rockus said...

Aah...reminded me of the time when I cooked Idli! :-D

Tina said...

uw i love fish curry mmm.

Hey thanks for stopping by my place, dont think i have had a reader from India before thats fab!

Have a great day.