I'm not loving it...

The moment I reached Bangalore, I started feeling a sense of loss. Though I was happy and looking forward to exploring the city and working at the new place, I really missed something. It took a few hours to dawn on me that I was missing nothing but my life itself. The moment I reached here, everything had changed. My workplace, my stay, my weekends, my outings, my friends, everything. But I tried to be happy. Afterall I had no option than to adjust over here. I liked the house we were to stay in, but not the location. I liked my new office, but I missed my previous one. I liked the new friends also, but badly missed my very own ones. Somehow I couldn't find the city interesting. I wasn't fascinated or interested in the life style. I didn't want to accept anything over here. For each and everything I compared it with what I had a few days back. And I knew that was the root cause. None would agree with me that Bangalore is not good. But I have a deep rooted liking for Trivandrum and my past five years over there that I am not able to adjust over here.

The only one I could blame was myself. It was my choice. Now I am here and can't go back. Knowing all these facts I try to love the place and my life. But I still haven't come with terms to it. I still love those days I spent in Trivandrum. I would say that it is a great city (its my view .. :-)). I loved the places. I was so familiar with all the roads and streets there, and here I don't know anything beyond my home, office, Madiwala, and the Forum Mall.

I loved the way I waited eagerly for the Fridays to arrive so that I could go home. I loved the Mondays when I used to wake up with Monday sickness. I loved the journeys to and fro. I loved my PG accommodation. I loved the Technopark and the restaurants there. I loved my office. I loved the city and everything about it. I just feel like crying out loud.

Now I find nothing great in my life. Work on the weekdays. Be at home on the weekends. That's it. Believe me, that's my routine from the past three months. And I have no idea as to how long I am going to continue with this!

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