The Transformation

Till date, the most memorable and cheerful period of my life was my school days. When I say school days, its the quoted period from my V standard to X. This was the time I enjoyed the most - the most with my friends.

My life would have been different if I hadn't joined St. John's School, Kayamkulam. When I first went there to give my admission test, I wasn't happy with the appearance of the school. Small classrooms without fans and lights, but large windows and doors, unhygienic bathrooms, no football grounds, or basketball courts. I missed my previous school when I saw all these things. I knew not how I was going to adjust over there.

My first day at school was terrible. When I entered the V standard classroom, all were staring at me as at an alien. For the first few days it was so. But things began to change gradually. I gained a few friends, started liking the whole place, and looked forward to attending my classes. The only dissappointing part was that I had to stay in the hostel. In the evenings, I watched all the children leave for home eagerly and I left to the hostel.

As time passed I had become more attached to my school and friends. Made a few good friends and one best friend (it was the concept - best friend must be only one :-)). I also had a few 'enemies' in class - a group of girls I disliked. Till VII it continued the same way. When I reached VIII, I became a day scholar. Started traveling by bus to come to school. Made a lot of friends that way. And by this time, my 'enemies' had becomes my best friends. We formed a gang and had lots of fun together. Extra classes, tuitions, bunking, being rebel, outings, we enjoyed everything. Three years passed so quickly that we weren't happy when our board exams started. Most of them would be going to different schools. I was also sad when I knew that we would be splitting up. But I was atleast happy that I would continue in my good old school for the rest two years. Some friends would remain. I cheered up. We could keep in touch and meet once in a while. Morover all stayed somewhat near.

It was only when my exams started I came to know that my parents had something else in store for me. I was lost without hope. They were planning to take me abroad to my old school in Muscat. I had mixed feelings. Finally I thought maybe this will be better for me. After my exams, I left with my mom reluctantly. I had no other option. I couldn't plead as there would be none with whom I could stay over here.

Once I reached Muscat, everything changed. In those days I wasn't so comfortable staying with my parents because it was after a long gap of six years. Even I had no friends over there. Most of the time I was sad. As usual I couldn't enjoy the present and was still living in the past. Three months passed the same way. Atlast my parents, understanding my thoughts, decided that I was to be sent somewhere else. And hence I reached Udaipur, to stay with my brother, uncle, aunt, and cousins. Now I was a bit fine. My parents also came there within an year. It was sort of a get-together feeling always. All together. Things were turning out good. But I couldn't overcome the hurdles in getting friendly to my mates in school. That was the worst part. I just made three good friends. Still it was better than being in Muscat. After completing my schooling I was back in Kerala. What a relief! I met my good old friends and was really happy.

But in this whole process something within me changed. Don't know whether my assessment is correct, but now I am not that comfortable being with unknown people. Making friends now takes a long time. But my old friends remain closest to my heart.

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