Finally... they're back

After a month of busy schedules, I'm back to my normal routine. Know why? My parents are back... :) That means no more spending of long hours in the kitchen, cleaning, and early waking up for me. This one whole month has taught me the value of parents and having somebody caring when you reach back from a day at office.

For the first few days after they left for Kerala, it was not much hectic for me. I was fully engaged and was enjoying being responsible. I tried making a few dishes. A few failed pathetically, a few survived the test. Cleaning was the worst part. The moment I clean the floor and get back to the kitchen, Mittu (my parrot) untidies the place. Washing dishes was another nightmare. Pick up any of time, you'll find the basin loaded with dirty plates and dishes. Cleaning the stove was a routine for me. Every morning I clean the whole kitchen, including the stove and start boiling the milk. God only knows why, I always forget that I have left the milk on the stove. The result - it overflows :(

Washing clothes were not an issue for me. But since the rains had set in and direct sunlight was not there everyday, drying them completely were almost impossible. After all these things come my bathing. The water is extremely cold at night (This is the time I finish all the work). And you all know how terrible it is to take a bath in extremely cold water. So I had to forego it many a days.. :-D But somedays I do take the courage and bear the cold water. In between, I met with a minor accident. So many scars and wounds on my body.. :( Especially a big one on my knee. This left me in pain for a few days. Result - I couldn't clean the floor for days.

Another thing which was severly affected was my studies and reading. I had brought home "The Witch of Portobello" by Paulo Coelho. But as I couldn't read it regularly I have lost the flow and now find it impossible to complete it. Speaking about my studies, I have my exams on the 20th of this month. Three big books to be completed and not even one has been completed.

But now I everything is fine. I wake up after 8 am on weekdays and 10 am on weekends.. :-D No need to look after the cooking or anything. Completely carefree now, once again... :)



Nothing like having parents on hand to run the house for you.

But cheer up, show me one housewife who has not let the milk boil over; in fact you can say it is one of the requisites of being a good one - pongal every now and then.

And I am impressed that you handled so many chores with a full day at work. Your mom can be proud of you.

Resmi... said...

Thanks Raji for those appreciations.. :) My mom still says I have got lots to learn.. :(