Invoking Memories - I

Today morning as I was getting ready for office I heard a music of some car being reversed. I just went and peeped out and watched the car leave. For a minute I was confused as to which was the music I heard. I kept on guessing till I realized that it was one of the tunes I disliked the most as a child. It was our alarm's ringing tone.

I remember that we had a black clock on which was embossed the words 'Seven Melodies'. And truely it had seven melodies in it which could be set as the ringing tone. Each night before going to sleep, we (my bro n me) would set a music we wanted for the next day. But, the next morning when we hear the music, we go crazy. It would mostly go at 6 am, which is really too early for me now also. I would be in deep sleep when I hear the alarm go and won't respond until I was called innumerable times. How I hated hearing those melodies in the early mornings.

Waking up was followed by sleepy-brushing prolonged for 10-20 minutes. After that, the shower... :( Once that was over, the hurry-worry for wearing uniforms, socks, shoes, belts, packing bag according to the timetable, tiffins, and on and on. The worst part about the uniforms were that we had two sets of uniforms - one for the normal days and the other for the days when we had PT classes. Mistaking the days, I used to wear the wrong ones and go and change it again.
The photo shows me and my brother all set for school in the white uniform. See how I have worn the wrong shoes instead of the white one. And note the length of my skirt ;)


Rockus said...

Great pic that! :-)

Resmi... said...

@ Rockus: Thanks.. :-)

Anonymous said...

I laughed for few minutes noticing the length of the skirt Resmi :). U bet I too have worn such long ones in my school days :)