Things I thought would never happen in my life

I never thought that these things would happen in my life:
  1. Stay in a boarding school
  2. Get into the marchpast team
  3. Get curly hair :-(
  4. Be notorious during my high school ;-)
  5. Study in North India
  6. I would change into somewhat an "introvert"
  7. Own a two-wheeler at the age of 17 (Never thought that I would learn to ride also)
  8. Have a great admiration for my Physics teacher
  9. Not get into the usual engineering or medical streams.. :-D
  10. Do graduation far from home, in such a reputed college, and stay in a wonderful hostel
  11. Gain a wonderful friend - Anupriya (Though I don't contact her frequently... ;-))
  12. Travel without tickets in trains
  13. Start reading and writing (Consider the field seriously)
  14. Be so attached to Trivandrum (I disliked the place first)
  15. Earn a job at the age of 21 (Working at the Technopark in Trivandrum, I consider it an achievement)
  16. Get some good colleagues from SunTec
  17. Learn to cook chicken (The taste factor is not still accurate)

May be the list will grow. But as of now I remember these much. Some of these unexpected moments gave me immense joy, while some disappointed me too. Well anyways, whatever happened, I am happy for what I am now... :-)


Kenney Jacob said...

Thats one nice list you have there...
Are you still in Technopark ?

Resmi... said...

@ Kenny: No, I have left technopark a few months back. Now at Sasken. Are u the kenny of torque? So hws everything at ur end?

Kenney Jacob said...

yes... the same..and things are cool...

We are conducting a blogcamp in Kerala...

Do let me know if you are coming...

Resmi... said...

@ Kenny: Oh ok... Ystrdy Kiran was saying about attending a camp at Tvm n tht too in a house-boat! But he didnt tell me what it was all about. Hmmm... So this is it.

Sure, I'll let you know my plans.