How Time Flies

It was hubby's b'day last to last Sunday (May 23). No, we didn't cut any cakes. He didn't want to. But we all had a nice time. Enjoyed the day off and was very happy to be together.

We had another occasion also last week - my parent's wedding anniversary. It's 30 years since they have been together! Wow, I just wonder how time flies off. We decided that it was something to be celebrated. We ordered a cake. Thats all. And you know what, they remember their anniversary when I wish them! I keep track of some of these dates every year.

Let me tell you something more about my parents. They were married in 1980 and yes it was a completely arranged marriage. My dad is dark and my mom fair. At the time of the marriage, dad was a tall, dark guy with very curly hair and mom a thin, fair, small girl. I always ask my mom this question as to how she liked him when she saw him first. And her reply always is a smile or a big laugh.

This anniversary I initiated the question and she told us the story of how they got married. It was interesting to watch her and her expressions when she told the story. I have never seen them fight or argue over things. They completely understand each other's thoughts and feelings well. Over the years the trust and love have grown. And I would say that they are the best couple ever!

Good Times

We really had some good time over the last week. We had family visiting us. My parents were already here. And my in-laws also came over. Though hectic we all enjoyed thoroughly. Every evening after office hours was spent in going somewhere or the other. And holidays especially were the best. In the evenings all would arrive at home tired and lie down or sit together in the living room and chat continuously for hours.

For us, it was a special time to know the families better. My mom-in-law was all alive with the stories from my hubby's childhood. He was a real sweetheart and naughty kid. Mittu was the poor one who didn't enjoy much. We didn't take him out with us. So whenever we reached back he was all angry :-)

When it rained this weekend, my hubby and me, we had some rain drenching activity also on the two wheeler. It was an unexpected treat! Loved it!

Now that my in-laws have left, we are back to the old quiet lives. And next week when my parents leave, we'll be back to the quieter lives we share.

Hope you all are having a great time!

Wide Awake!

It's 2 30 am and I am still awake. Why? Because I woke up very late last morning and slept for a good two hours at noon as well. After all how much more lazily and happily can I spend a Sunday. My family didn't complain or raise eyebrows at this. Afterall I don't do it often. I really enjoyed the afternoon nap. But now I am suffering. I lied awake in bed for almost two hours and then finally decided to sit up and do something meaningful. So I first asked my husband's permission, who was also having a disturbed sleep due to having given me company at noon ;-) He agreed! I have started sewing a pair of gloves for myself. So I thought that I can better utilize time for that. Then somehow I decided - a bit of blogging and work. Hubby was kind enough to bring the laptop from the living room to the bedroom. He is somehow managing to sleep.

I really did some of the pending office work. And now I am happily blogging! Don't you feel I am luckyto have the best husband and lots of things lined up to do when I am not able to sleep? Yes, I am. Had I not had these, I would have been still tossing in bed cursing the heat, mosquitoes, and myself. Now I am scared of only one thing - Will I be late to wake up tomorrow morning? Hope not.

Hope you all had a good night's sleep! :-)

My small bloggy world

Blogs are perhaps one of the most wonderful things in life. Atleast it is so to me now. My day starts when I browse through my favourite blogs and see those bright pictures and read through the lovely heart warming posts. Not all of these are craft blogs. From these blogs I get slices of the lives of people in different parts of the world, make new friends, and learn a lot of interesting and new things. I must say that I would have led my life idle and monotonously had I not chanced upon these blogs.
These blogs even make me to like blogging more and more each day. I also have started loving to take pictures and notice the tiniest happinesses in life.
It really makes a difference when you try to see the world through another's eyes. These blogs make us see the different perspectives of life. Recently I came across a wonderful lady's craft blog. She is very much creative and brings perfection and beauty in whatever she does. Her pictures are cheerful and her life is bright. But after reading through some of her posts I realized that she was born with defects and in early childhood itself one of her legs were amputed. But the way she blogs and carries herself is remarkable!
I have been able to make some friends over the web as well through these blogs. We exchange mails and it feels great! Sometimes I feel disappointed when I don't blog for days together. Though there are no regular readers out there for my blog, I really enjoy this small activity. Now that I have started enjoying even the smallest happinesses of life, I have lots to write about each day, but find no time. May be I should quit job and stay at home to blog more ;-)
Hope you all have a great day and a wonderful weekend ahead.