February 2011

Back after a long time again! Well it is almost the end of February and I have not blogged about anything this month. That does make me sad, but in my defense, I was way toooo busy (as always ;-))

Well, my work was a bit too hectic, household chores took a bit more priority, crochet, weekend travels, being with family and friends, and watching movies took all my time in the world. Now I am a bit free and found in a slot to type out something here.

Crochet is progressing well. I have completed a few small itty-bitty crochety stuff. Will be putting up the pictures soon on my
Crafty Days blog. Do check it out.

Gardening also is going on pretty good. Most of my roses were in bloom over the past few weeks. I had shades of yellow, whites, oranges, reds, and pinks in the pots. Lovely! Some veggies also are coming up. I already harvested some tomatoes. But small black ants are causing great trouble. I need to find a solution to shoo them away.

Then we watched quite a lot of movies. Went out with friends and family all over the weekends, that I hardly had any time to relax. Meanwhile I am also reading a book and would write out the review soon at my
My Space blog.

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