An year!

On Monday (Jan 31st), we celebrated our first year of a wedded life. It was amazing to turn back and look at all those events of the past and how soon an year flewwww by. It was a great year. Hubby was the best thing that happened in my life :-)

We had our celebrations on Sunday (the day before). With family and friends we went out for dinner and spent some good time with them. And right at the stroke of 12, wished each other :-)

Monday, both of us took a day off from work and spent time to being all by ourselves. Started the day by being lazy and waking up a bit late. We went out, had a small brunch and headed off to the Commercial Street. And guess what - he bought me a biiiggg bag full of YARN. I was way too happy and excited. We roamed around for a while more, came home, took rest for a short while, and headed off to a movie.

In the evening, went to the temple and spent some time happily in the calm premises. The day went forward by being with our cousins, a late, but wonderful dinner, and then ended the day blissfully and wonderfully :-)

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