My Brother, My Brother!

The title of this post is actually the title of a short story. I just picked it because that is what came to my mind when I started writing this post.

Yesterday was a rather gloomy day. The weather was dull and things were a little tough at my end too. My brother has got a job abroad and had to leave yesterday. Well, on the brighter side, it is good news. But on the not-so bright side, I was sad.

Me and my brother, we have not been the greatest of friends or always been throughout our lives. We used to fight lots and lots, may be until the last few years. Now we are GROWN up and so don't fight physically, but verbally :-D School days were the best. We were the best friends and the greatest foes. Well, we had lot of wonderful childhood moments and memories that I cherish, always. He used to hit me, and I would start crying. Result, he gets scolded by dad. And that exactly was what I wanted ;-)

Everyone says I am the one who starts the fights. Whatever! We have been apart for a good number of years. But over the past, almost 3 years, we were together, in Bangalore. Fights were way too MANY. But over these few years, I have grown used to him being around me. After marriage, he stayed separate. But each time he came home and left, I felt sad. And now that he has gone abroad, it seems even harder.

I know this is life and all that happens is for good. Today he joined at his new job. Have not got a chance to speak to him yet. Wishing him all the best in his life. And oh yes, today is his birthday too! :-)

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