61 years of Indian Independence

Tomorrow India celebrates its 61st year of Independence from the British. Well I wouldn't detail anything about how much each Indian suffered to get freedom, but yes now we are truly a proud nation. Atleast Abhinav Bindra is a new reason for the pride of each Indian. Advanced Independence Day wishes!

And yes, we celebrated our Independence Day celebrations today (a day in advance) because we are not working tomorrow. Well many made fun of us for celebrating the Independence Day of Pakistan... :-) So as I said we celebrated Independence today. The whole cubicles with the tricolor flags, pictures, maps - it was nice. Even the people looked nice. Especially the ones in white... ;-) The celebrations were good with each team presenting plays, skits, or presentations based on a theme. And finally the judges gave away the prizes. No, we didn't get any ;-)

Today's celebration reminded me about the ones we celebrated during the school days. Perhaps after that we never celebrated any - neither in schools nor in my previous office. It was marked by a holiday and a few forwarded emails. While I was in my boarding school, unlike the day scholars, we would be in the school campus only. Our Manager would come in the morning itself and hoist the tricolor flag. We loved watching it though I remember none saluting it or singing the National Anthem. But yes, we watched eagerly as it went up and started flowing with the wind. For the first few hours we would come out and see how the flag remained there. But in due course of time we would forget that and never knew who removed it finally by the end of the day. We never had any parades or any patriotic activities. Now when I see the children participating in Independence day programs, I understand how much I have missed.

Well, nowadays it has become one of the holidays we look forward to and sit at home watching patriotic films in the various television channels.


Sreejith Kumar said...

A different view here

Resmi... said...

@ Sreejith: Read it. True yaar!