Rainy days and nights

Its often said that rain invokes nostalgia, romance, and calm feelings in man. But how about a nasty, windy rain. Well I love rain in all forms. I love it the most when it rains at night. But the hell follows the next day, if its a working day!

From last two days, its raining the whole night. I sleep under my blanket warm and cozy. But my journey to the office on the two-wheeler, in the mornings are terrible. I usually take a shortcut to office which is an untarred, muddy road only because going through the main road would take me an hour caught up in traffic compared to the 15 minutes by the bad road. It was alright till last Friday except for the infrequent, never ending tarring process.

Monday morning, I was on my way after the heavy rains of the last night. The road was completely muddy and slippery. And as I am an expert at riding (for more about my expertise, see here :-D) I took extreme care to ride through. When I reached a turning, I saw that workers were digging horizontally across the road. I paused there for a moment, not knowing what to do. But they simply let me pass through a narrow bridge. Only when I reached further did I know that the road was blocked. I had to turn, go all the way back and take a different route. It was no better, but still ok.

The next day, I purposely didn't take the old route, since the last night also it rained continuously. As I was nearing my office, I thanked God that there were no major hurdles. But no sooner did I see a pool of water which covered around 500 metres of the road. I thought it would be fine and continued riding. When I reached midway I knew that the water was quite deep. I had to lift my legs so that they didn't get wet. In the middle, the vehicle slowed down. I had to maintain balance or I would fall into the knee length water. At times I felt that I was floating. Somehow I finally reached the other end. And when I returned home in the evening, it was raining heavily. I had no option than to ride. The drops felt like needles. I reached home, fully drenched.

But still I love when its rains!

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