Nothing can stop me from blogging

Today morning as usual, after logging into Google Account, I clicked on the Blogger link. But contrary to my expectation, a warning page popped up. I refreshed and tried opening it once again. But alas, blogger has been blocked at office! :-(

I was disappointed. I could only read through the blogs but could not make new posts or edit the existing ones. I really don't know what made them to block this site. Actually they are doing a mistake by blocking blogger. Whenever I have free time, I access my blogs and make new posts. By doing this, I made sure that I didn't waste my time playing games or being idle. I spent my time productively. But now that they are determined to stop me from blogging during office hours, I have no other option than to play solitaire, sudoku, cinco, and all other accessible games during office hours, spend my time idle, and just loaf around.

Do you feel that I am free during my office hours? In a way its true to an extent. My current project doesn't consume much time always. Sometimes I am free for days at a stretch. But when we have deliverables, its just the opposite. So now don't wonder if you don't see new posts coming up regularly! (Only intended for those who enjoy reading my blogs, if any. :-D)

As per the company policy, the sites irrelevant to the business are blocked.
But there is one flaw in the whole process. We work on remote desktops of which the servers are located elsewhere. So there is no blockage for the sites on the remote desktop. So now that they have blocked blogger on my local desktop, I ll surely work from my remote desktop.. :-D In short, nothing can stop me from blogging. Even if doesn't interest the ones reading it, it interests me a lot... ;-)


Rockus said...

Cue the theme song "Never gonna stop me" by White Zombie!

Prashant Sree said...

The articles was an interesting read.,. 2 things that stood out:

I assume we have a nihilist here.,. :)

I would agree with your viewpoint. A day doesnt go by without me checking the blogger and new articles.,. I do empathize you. Yet i have a suggestion to make. Recently i read that similar case where people were using the remote desktop to access web sites which have been banned interally.

The article stated that the company management was taking stringent measures against such people. Though the sites accessed by the employee in question were adult sites, i would suggest you look in to your company policies so that you can be on a safer side.,.

My 2 cents.



Resmi... said...

@ Rockus: Hey thanks! Will check that out....

@ Prashant: Not a complete nihilist but sort of.. ;-) Well as far as accessing sites from the RDP are concerned, ppl over here use it for gmail, ymail, youtube, and I for blogging... ;) But yes I have to be careful... Wondering y they blocked it at the point I started enjoying it... :( Thanks for the concern and info. Keep visiting... ;-)


Hey, never stop blogging. You could key in the post on a word file, mail it to yourself and post it on the blog when you get home.
Or is that too naive?

Resmi... said...

@ Raji: No, Raji. Infact, its a good idea. But y was I so dumb to not think about that? Probably need to try that in the coming days. The Remote Desktop is actually very slow. Thanks Raji... :-)

Calvin said...

hey.. went thru ur posts.. nice blog..

blogging is not just abt writing them, but abt reading them as well.. so i guess not even a thousand armies can stop us from what we do the best..

btw.. i started my umpteenth blog recently.. had to shut down every other blogs as and when it is found by someone i really dont want to be there or when it gets over populated and the comments fly off the roof and invite people to scribble down how viagra can help a single male (spam in other words)..

happy blogging.. will check it out frequently.. added u to my google reader..