A sunny day

Today morning when I woke up, it was very sunny, which was something new within the past two months. And I was lazy to go to office :-). Thought of working from home. This is one good thing about our company policy. But too many procedures behind it - calling up the lead, answering too many questions, informing project mates, sending in mails, and so on. Well, anyway I had decided - I won't be going today!

I worked for about three hours when suddenly the power went off. Bad luck. I had lots to finish, but without electricity what can be done? I wandered in and outside the house for some time. Then it suddenly came to my mind - its quite long since our Mittu took a bath. I went near his cage. He was warm, cozy, and sleeping. However hard I tried, he didn't care to come out. Finally somehow I took him out and took him to the shower with his towel and shampoo.

He didn't really like it today - though sunny, the water was COLD. Mittu kept on grunting and growling till I took him in the towel. All wet and shivering, with his eyes wide open. I rubbed his feathers, wings, and beak and placed him on a stand to dry. He sat there for half an hour without making any noise. Now look at his picture when he was half dry. Look at the wet patch on his head. Cute right? ;-)

By evening it was cloudy. My mom made some crunchy, hot 'murukku' (snacks). Then we decided to cook something special. And what? I saw my father helping my mom in the kitchen after a gap of some 10 years. They made 'porotta, fish fry, salad, and mutton curry'. By 6 pm it had started raining. It was cool and windy outside. The rains continued till 9 pm. We had our 'special' dinner early and it was tasty too... ;-) Thus ended the day which started bright and sunny.



Nice day - you made it sound very interesting. Poor Mittu - now he looks a bedraggled fellow in one picture, but slick in the other.

Resmi... said...

@ Raji: Hey thanks! Mittu doesn't being photographed when he s not looking good.. ;-) He rolls his eyes at me...