My sister, My FRIEND

Raji is my cousin sister - my mom's brother's daughter. She spent her childhood in Rajasthan. It was only during the vacations that we met. But I really don't remember those vacations. There are a couple of photos of us together. That's how I know we did meet frequently. I remember seeing her for the first time only when we met for our Standard IV vacation. To me she appeared as a north Indian girl who spoke in Hindi, talked about Bollywood films and actors, and was always restless. During that vacation all the cousins were there. So I really never took much note of her, and she of me.

For the next vacation, we went to Rajasthan. That was when our bonding started. We gelled together so quickly that parting after the vacation was the worst part. I still remember how she cried infront of the railway station while we were leaving. And as fate was, two years later, we were together. She had come to Kerala to continue her studies. The previous year, I had also come down to Kerala to continue my studies. We stayed at our grandmom's place along with Radha Maami (Raji's mom). Vinu is her younger brother. Perhaps he was too young for us then. Whenever we plotted any mischief, he would hide somewhere and spy on us, finally getting the matter to the elders.

We stayed together from standard VI to X. For the first two years I was in my boarding school. So we met only once a month. From VIII standard onwards we stayed together. Life turned out special for both of us then onwards. We ate, slept, studied, and did every mischief together. We made cards for each other on occassions. Rented out video cassettes and watched movies. But fights were unavoidable. We fought like wild cats when angry. But as it goes, fights happen where love is.

After our X standard, our parents took us. She went back to Rajasthan and me to Muscat. But few months later, we were together again. I went to Rajasthan. We were together for the next two years also. But after that we went separate ways for our higher studies. Now also we share a special bond, but are not together. We plan to meet during the next vacation.

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