Being a bit creative

My day started like any other holiday. Only difference was that my brother is not here. I was a bit idle in the morning half. But now when the day is about to end, I have done a bit different things today. I read, did a bit of gardening, cooking, and blogging... :-)

Read - I read a few pages of the book Pride and Prejudice. Actually I had read it halfway a few years back, but couldn't complete it. So now I have started it all over again.

Gardening - I visited a neighbour's house after quite a long time. On my previous visit, I had asked the aunty over there for a moneyplant. Today she gave me the plantlings. I brought them home and put one stalk in a bottle of water. Another two with roots, I planted them in a small Kwality Wall's ice cream container. For planting them, I got the required amount of sand from outside the house and set it. Now everyday, I'll check to see how big it grows. Hope it grows! Though I love gardening, I am an utter flop at it.

Cooking - Yes, I have made caramel pudding. Its all done except for two things - cooling and eating.. :-D Its already set apart for cooling. And once that is done, the final part.

Blogging - Made a new post in the new blog - This is actually a joint effort by two other friends and my brother. Started the post on The Da Vinci Code yesterday and completed it today.

Well that's all what I did today. Looking forward to eating the pudding and completing some pending office work... :-(


Sreejith Kumar said...

Pride and prejudice - LOL! Dhanya also started reading it years back. She still reads it... :)

Good to see the pics of Mittu!

BTW, blogrolled you. :)

Resmi... said...

@ Sreejith: The book is actually full of conversations and sometimes I find it boring.. :( But am determined, this time, I will complete it ;-)

Mittu bhayankara chattambi aanu ippol.

Adding yours also to my list.. :)