Thank God!!!

Everyday when I reach home with my body parts intact, I thank God. Such is the traffic and transportation problems in the Garden City. I know most of them would agree when I make this point, but yet there would be a section whose sentimental feelings with the city would not allow them to agree to the statement. But infact, its true and its known to all.

Commuting is a very grave issue in Bangalore, be it a pedestrian or a person driving a vehicle. The number of hours caught up in the traffic is countless. Movement is actually a big problem. People actually try to avoid commuting during the peak hours of traffic, but those who have to take those hours have no other options left. The road works are another major issue. The biggest example is the section of the Hosur Road from Silk Board to the Electronics City. A flyover construction has been going on there since when, I don't know. But I am seeing it from the past six months. I don't say this doesn't happen in other parts of the country, but in such a populated city, I don't think so.

Digging the sub-roads on a frequent basis is another concern. Since the Hosur Road is not fit for quick transportation, I take a shortcut. For the past six months, there was not a day when there was no construction or maintenance work going on at segments of the road. Finally during the rainy season, something more wonderful is happening. Both the sides of the muddy road are being dug. I know not for what reason. I agree it might be for some developmental purpose but does it make sense to dump the mud onto the road? A lot of people depend on that road to reach the main road. But its all ruined in the rains, and the mud dumped which makes it all slippery and congested. People on two wheelers skid and fall down frequently. But nothing is done to solve this.

Pitfalls in the middle of the roads and irregular bumps are something common everywhere. I agree that these problems prevail in all parts of the country, but the number of lives affected must be considered. Thats why I say I thank God when I reach home with my body parts INTACT!!!



Dear me! Our own road is not much better - it is supposed to be residential, and even without rains, the traffic is such that it takes me seven minutes to cross the road. Traffic , poor roads, blocked out pavements - pedestrians lead a walking nightmare.
You take care!

Sreejith Kumar said...

Hahaha! You know what, I curse the countless 'minutes' I spend in the road block on the way to office (between KD puram and Ulloor)... :))

Resmi... said...

@ Raji: I really feel frustrated and disappointed at times. We have no options. :(

@ Sreejith: Our Trivandrum is far far better Sreejith. Atleast people would stage a dharna or call on for a bandh in protest. Though not a good option, sometimes that works. But here nobody protests... That's the worst part.

Salil said...

Hi Resmi:
I think soon we might need helicopters to commute in Bangalore, because I see no space to expand roads. The buildings and roads are so unplanned that I cannot see any scope of expansion of existing roads.

Rockus said...

Just saw on Headlines Today, Bangalore voted as the slowest city and Trivandrum the fastest during peak time. Am I jumping into fire from a frying pan? :-D

Resmi... said...

@ Salil: First of nice to have you here! Helicopters...mmm... ;-)

Well if a majority start taking helicopters, perhaps the rest of the traffic could move peacefully... ;-)

Resmi... said...

@ Rockus: Maybe in a way yes.. :-D But somehow, I am happy, one more companion for me... ;-)